Mobile POS

"Offer more payment modes to your customers"

Do you want to offer seamless payment solution to your customers at their doorstep?

We understand that sometimes it is very difficult for your customers to arrange cash at the time of delivery of products or services at their doorsteps. You can now empower your customer's delivery experience with our digital payment offerings. SMS Invoices are one of the key products which are well designed and integrated with our services to offer more value to your business and customers. It also eliminates the need to have cash movement which saves the cost of logistics and management.

Data Digitization

"Transform your Business data into more powerful form"

MIMO offers Data Digitization services of converting paper-bound invoices, bills and documents into digital that you want to have for accessing over the internet.

We can help you with the process of scanning then, converting text, files or images into an editable format.
Cut down the huge maintenance cost of storing physical files with our Secure, Accurate & Scalable Digitization environment.

Our Digitization offerings:
- Document Screening
- Document Scanning
- Formatting & Indexing

We have API triggers that post your data to your system as soon as it is digitized.

Hyperlocal Logistics

"On-demand deliveries from your neighbourhood"

Give your customers a delightful shopping experience with doorstep delivery of products with MIMO Hyperlocal Logistics services.

A merchant who offers home delivery of their product locally can be onboarded with us to get their products delivered and take payments from customers.
Our tech-enabled solution provides real-time tracking, faster payments with the pre-paid wallet.

Survey & Data Collection

"Complete answer to all of your data collection and field service needs"

MIMO is the complete answer to all of your data collection and field service needs. We can help you with collecting data or conducting surveys at last mile. Our data collection specialists within our network coverage areas, coupled with our tech-enabled platform, have ensured various types of data collection within the given timeline for our happy and satisfied clientele.
We are a growing company in the data collection vertical in India, and we thrive to be the leader in today’s marketplace through hard work, ingenuity and a dedication to quality.

We can help you access your target respondents and collect the required data easily and efficiently

Data Collection Services - Qualitative and Quantitative
- Face to face surveys
- Telephone surveys
- Face to face interviews

Our trained network of data collectors will collect the data for you from the target respondents in the required geographies within the given timelines. All you need to do is just download and analyze the collected data for your research study.

We don’t do random online surveys or email surveys, we directly target your research user group and collect data face to face or telephonically.


"Effective Face-to-Face marketing for your Products"

Success rest upon how visible you are to your target market. That’s why our team here in MIMO works hard to create immediately recognizable branding that reflects the benefits your product offers to potential customers.We focus on Product Racking, Billboards, Branding etc. to help support great visibility so that customers understand exactly what the product does and increases sales.

Our Marketing strategies focus on creating killer branding to underpin and complement all other marketing efforts, as well as being visually pleasing and consistent with your branding.

Cash Collection

"No more cash movement delay with faster settlements"

MIMO offers the convenience of securing your money without you having to leave your workplace.

If your business involves handling cash on a frequent basis with your customers then safeguard your cash deposits with MIMO Cash Collection Service.
We ensure your cash matters are taken care of & safely delivered to you so that you can reduce the risk of fraud, money movement or mishandling of cash with our trained professionals.

Document Collection

"Safe & Secured collection of business documents"

MIMO can help you with your Document Collection requirements, we are capable of collecting, gathering, and managing large volumes of documents, without the risk of violating any privacy.

From financial and banking institutions to educational organizations, gathering and verifying proper documents is vital. We as a growing company in Document Collection can verify, collect and deliver the documents to you ensuring that your documents are professionally collected, handled and delivered fast without creating complications.


"Last Mile delivery to your valued Customers right at their doorstep"

Last Mile delivery is the most important element of the supply chain business.
Our tech-enabled platform powers on-time deliveries, from effortless real-time order tracking and timely notifications to seamless deliveries.

Our team consists of thoroughly trained professionals drawn to deadline-oriented work who can take your goods from your warehouse and deliver it to your customer in the most remote places under pre-decided timelines.

MIMO has an effective end-to-end Transhipment logistics service as well, with a high level of flexibility that can bring about significant cost benefits for you.
We transport your goods and items quickly and reliably.


"Seamless & Authentic verification of your Customers & Partners"

MIMO is a one-stop source for all your Background Verification requirements, we are growing and we are counting. We strongly believe in numbers as they speak for themselves. We have created a reliable image in the industry after having done more than 1 million transactions over the years. We provide cost-effective and accurate background check services with our tech-enabled solutions with real-time data.

Following are the verification services we offer:

  • Employment Verification
  • Background check
  • Education Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Identity Verification
  • Document Verification
  • Financial Verification


Helping suppliers and dealers in managing the flow of goods with enhanced supply chain management and after-market processes including SRM and CRM. We offer a wide variety of services and our strong knowledge about industry and logistics sets you free from the worry to deliver your products which helps you focus on manufacturing. We stand with you in all your steps to help you achieve your business goals by providing customized marketing support as per need of your business.

Additionally, our Technology and software helps you optimize your production capacity and also manage your ground team efficiently.


We work towards getting the right healthcare solution available at the right place and at the right time. Whether it is medicine or any healthcare equipment, we ensure extreme time sensitivity and safety of such goods. Stock2Shelf provides comprehensive supply chain services for malls and shopping outlets, which include last-mile delivery of retail and lifestyle goods, unpacking services and reverse logistics, even on Sundays and holidays.

A typical need of the pharmaceutical industry is to regularly deliver samples to its thousands of medical representatives across the country. These medical representatives generally function out of their homes most of the time. We coordinate with them to ensure that the samples are delivered to them as per their availability and convenience. And with the attrition rate being high in this role, the number of returns is correspondingly high too. Our focused sample distribution and reconciliation service assists organizations in managing this complex task.


Our Technical edge and digital thinking can help streamline your operations, improve visibility and drive business performance. Our PAN India presence of a trained network will give you the required flexibility for smooth penetration into rural and semi urban markets in last mile deliveries.
Our innovations in supply chain management, merchandising, ecommerce and mobility, transform traditional retailers into digital powerhouses.


We drastically reduce the transit time across the supply chain to ensure your products last mile delivery happens on time with our several value added services like COD, SMS Invoicing, MPOS, Geotagged delivery, agent tracking, real-time update to give industry the required edge and also provides required flexibility for smooth penetration into rural and semi-urban markets.

We understand technology integration is one of the biggest challenges faced by the industry, we offer both technology and digitization solutions which helps you improve Operational excellence and track every single activity.

We can also help in managing individual and state level projects required to be executed by conducting survey, cater your customized Marketing needs and auditing work.


We have been successful in ensuring timely delivery of telecom, IT and associated products to the remotest corner of the country. In cases of delivering to government or public sector institutions, we ensure the collection of 'proof of delivery' documents that is a pre-requisite for your invoices to get processed.

Our exclusive services for the industry also includes Document collection, E-KYC, Cash Collection, Agent tracking, real-time data access, M-POS, SMS Invoicing and Data Digitization.


The service industry needs Express distribution to manage time-definite delivery of bulk documents, files, promotional material, or corporate gifting materials. This vertical also needs more support to make their consignments transit-worthy. We provide Customized delivery solutions to meet such requirements.

In addition to the above, we also have our reach in pan India to help you collate data of students, conduct surveys, cater to your mobilization need and data collection requirement.

Our SAAS is specially designed to track your operations and ground teamwork and improve efficiency across functions. We can also help you collect student fees by providing you multiple payment options.


We being a player in Document Digitization Services helped numerous organizations including some known brands to improve the quality of data management and let go of old school physical or paper document storage. We have impressed our clients with extraordinary services with our top-notch process, accurate scanning, tagging and indexing, scalable database.

Today, nearly every business no matter its niche, size of the organization, type of industry need solutions that can help them to step out from floods of data stored in the form of physical documents.

In addition to the above we can also support with Last-mile delivery solution.

Banking & Finance

MIMO has deep expertise in financial services, but we also look beyond the industry and draw upon our capabilities experience. We tailor these offerings to the needs of our financial services clients to help them solve problems or pursue opportunities in many areas, including:

• Information Technology
• Team Management and real-time tracking of work assignments and reports
• Customer experience
• Verification and Document Collection Services
• Logistics Solution
• Marketing Support
• Data Digitization


Customized service for the digital age will enable the agriculture industry to deliver more options, reduce costs and increased customer satisfaction. 
 We know that sector expertise and local knowledge are crucial, which is why we have our team supporting businesses within their local communities. So, whether you’re established or just starting out, see how our range of products, services and sector expertise could help your business thrive.
 We boost your core business by providing Logistics and Marketing support in addition to our regular and value added services like AEPS, Bank account opening, Verification of Farmers, Rural Survey, and SMS Invoicing & M-POS.


We offer access to the best Last mile services for e-commerce platforms/businesses. We offer you customized logistics solutions for e-commerce to best suit your supply chain needs. The substructure of any good e-commerce organization is based on the right choice of e-commerce delivery partners who can guarantee timely and safe deliveries to ensure customer satisfaction.

We can support you in an array of services which include cross border and technology services, parcel transportation, freight, and fulfillment services.
Our Services like COD, SMS Invoicing, MPOS, Geotagged delivery, agent tracking, a real-time update would be a great value add to your business. Our PAN India presence of a trained network will give you the required flexibility for smooth penetration into rural and semi-urban markets in last-mile deliveries and we can also support your business growth with our customized marketing services.