After setting up a software development company, Lathika Regunathan wanted to provide employment opportunities to the semi-urban, rural population in India by connecting them to enterprises. But each time she decided on a strategy to set it up, she ran into a stalemate.

To get the initiative up and running, Regunathan either had to partner with organisations first or set up a network of employable rural personnel.

“It was the chicken-or-the-egg situation with me,” she said and finally chose to risk spending on a network, hoping that the enterprises will follow.

Founded in 2016, MIMO, which is run by MIMO Technologies Pvt. Ltd, was established with a philosophy of minimum investment and maximum outcome. The startup operates an Android application, MIMO, where organisations can connect with employees from rural areas and hire them for different tasks and contracts. The app also functions as a mobile wallet for agents to collect money and offers a number of utility services like prepaid recharge, bill payments, buying movie tickets ……………………

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