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8 Important Things About Hyperlocal Delivery

In the hyperlocal delivery sector, distinguishing between reality and opinion can be difficult. This article is dedicated to answering a few frequently asked questions about the Hyperlocal delivery eco-system in order to ensure that there are no misconceptions regarding this service.

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5 ways POS systems can help businesses survive the Pandemic.

5 ways POS system can help businesses survive the Pandemic

The mPOS solution has aided in bridging the gap between in-person and online purchases, resulting in a seamless payment experience across all platforms. MIMO provides a customizable and scalable mPOS solution with improved operability and a superior mobile platform. Read more about how companies can use POS technology to survive the current pandemic.

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digitization and digital transformation

Is Digitization the same as Digital Transformation?

When addressing trends where the language changes as quickly as the technology, nomenclature matters. Business leaders who believe they can digitize a business or digitalize enough processes to digitally transform it are misinterpreting the terms and losing out on opportunities. Read how to discern and understand the differences between trending words in the digital era.

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