Avoiding delivery delays can make a significant impact on achieving client happiness and, as a result, increasing your company's growth.

It is critical to deliver packages, papers, and documents on time, regardless of the type of business you run. Here are some of the benefits of on-time delivery that we would like to emphasize to you: 

Businesses who do nothing to address delivery issues frequently see a decline in sales. The majority of customers are sincere and considerate. They are aware that human mistake might contribute to delivery issues. However, if consumers are subjected to delivery delays on more than one or two instances, they are likely to lose faith in your company. If you cannot manage prompt deliveries, it is advisable that you enlist the services of a fulfillment company. 

What causes delivery delays?

To understand how to avoid delivery delays, you must first determine what causes them. A number of businesses frequently struggle to deliver to their consumers on time. Here are some common causes of delivery delays: 

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Documentation Mistakes:

Misspelled addresses, improperly completed order forms, and insufficient information are just a few examples. This error could have been made by either the customers or the store. Sometimes the shop fails to properly document orders, especially while managing multiple duties at the same time. 

Logistical Issues:

These can be a nightmare for a small firm. In fact, logistics is at the top of the list of reasons for delivery delays. The inability to handle high product demand and many requests can prove to be an Achilles’ heel. When confronted with such a predicament, an online business should outsource its delivery services. 

System failure:

E-commerce enterprises are frequently open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, if your firm relies on a subpar hosting provider, your website may have technical difficulties. If your system fails frequently, you will be unable to reply to orders. As a result, delivery times will be pushed back. 

You can use a variety of strategies to avoid delivery delays. These include: 

1) Set a Minimum/Maximum Time of Delivery 

Setting a minimum delivery time will help you to respond to orders more quickly. The delivery time should be realistic so that you are not under pressure to deliver. Your shipping delay, on the other hand, should not be discouraging to the buyer. Customers submit orders in the hope of receiving their things on time. 

2) Automated Logistic Software  

Automation can help significantly reduce delivery times. Although purchasing automated logistic software may be costly, it will assist you in avoiding delivery delays. According to the order times, automated software calculates which products should be shipped. 

3) Enlist a Fulfillment Service  

Using the services of a fulfilment agency is the most cost-effective strategy to avoid delivery delays. A fulfilment service is a third-party organization that handles order warehousing, packaging, and delivery on your behalf. Hiring a Fulfillment service gives a plethora of advantages. 

It reduces operating costs, enhances business focus, increases scalability, and, most importantly, eliminates delivery delays. Hiring a fulfilment service eliminates the requirement to purchase automation software. 

How can MIMO help?

Collecting and delivering business documents is vital for the success of any organization. MIMO can verify, compile, and deliver required documents to you, and ensure that they are properly obtained, managed, and delivered without delay. 

MIMO has proven experience in the Finance industry which includes institutions such as Banks, MFI’s, and NBFCs. Our services in this domain include:  

  • NACH Pickup 
  • Loan Application & Documentation 
  • Agreements 
  • Cheque Pickup 
  • Credit Card Application & Documentation 
  • Business Documents 
  • KYC Documents 

MIMO can compile, gather, and manage vast quantities of documents without risking privacy. 

  • Processes are comprehensive. 
  • We preserve the integrity and authenticity of the documents collected. 
  • Company or individual operations are not disrupted. 
  • The chain of custody is not influenced by external factors. 
  • Real-time delivery of data.